pyCANON: A Python library to check the level of anonymity of a dataset#

pyCANON is a Python library which allows the user to know the anonymity level of a dataset based on a set of quasi-identifiers (QI), and a set of sensitive attributes. To do so, it provides a set of functions to compute the anonymity level of a dataset by means of the following techniques:

  • k-anonymity.

  • (\(\alpha\),k)-anonymity.

  • \(\ell\)-diversity.

  • Entropy \(\ell\)-diversity.

  • Recursive (c, \(\ell\))-diversity.

  • t-closeness.

  • Basic \(\beta\)-likeness.

  • Enhanced \(\beta\)-likeness.

  • \(\delta\)-disclosure privacy.

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pyCANON is licensed under Apache License Version 2.0 (

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